The Book

The recent foray of ‘3M Chandani Group’ in the life insurance sector is besieged with a large insurance claim.  All evidences and documents are in order but there is an eerie feeling that something is not right.  The case lands on the table of ‘Mohan Mohanty’ the ace internal auditor of the group.
Will Mohan be able to unearth the truth?  Laila and Iceberg, two trusted assistants of Mohan are confident that with Mohan at the helm of affairs truth does not need to worry.
And the investigation begins, which takes Mohan and his team to a village hospital where Compounder Tara Nath fixes the posting of Doctors. The team of auditors meets Madan Prasad, a sculptor who creates wax statutes which can chase London’s Madam Tussaud out of business.  The team has to find out whether branch manager, Sunil Shinde, is a victim or a culprit.
Time is running out since Mehra family, the parents and brother of the deceased, are threatening to go to media and courts, if the settlement of insurance claim is delayed further. 
Mohan has to act fast and come out with clinching evidences or pay the insurance claim of Rs. 10 Crore.